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For a superior taste adventure that combines the best of both worlds – American Wagyu beef and heritage pork – reach for Fraunheimer Fine Meat.

Smoked Bratwurst

We all love a delicious bratwurst, but this sausage elevates it to a buttery level only found with American Wagyu Beef. With a hint of mustard seed, garlic, and nutmeg, Fraunheimer’s bratwurst tastes like luxury.

Pastrami Sausage

This sausage is inspired by the traditional pastrami recipes that make it an American staple. Hitting all the right layers of flavor, one bite suggests the sweet tang of coriander to the heady spice of black pepper and everything in between.

Hatch & Poblano Chile Burger

Our cheese-stuffed beef burgers combine Mishima Reserve American Wagyu Beef with ground beef for a buttery blend that delivers full flavor satisfaction for every meaty craving. 

Hot Links Sausage

The spiciness of our hot link balances on the edge, leaving you to enjoy not only the direct hit from cayenne and chili pepper, but the rich umami of garlic and fennel.

Hot Dogs

This hot dog can only lead to a second serving. Delivering the perfect snap when you bite into it, our hot dogs are seasoned with a house blend of spices we otherwise save for the grilled American wagyu steaks served up at Fraunheimer’s sister company steakhouse, The Butcher’s Table.

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